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With every book, you will get this postcard as a thank you note signed by the illustrator and the author.

But guess what… this paper is made with chamomile seeds!!!


After reading the book, you can plant the paper in your school garden

or at home. This is a great way to start introducing nature, sustainability and responsibility to children.


Watching the growing process of a plant is a fun and educational experience. It gives opportunity to their curiosity and interests to arise, to learn new skills and it is exciting for them when they see the results.


I can't wait to see how your plants grow!

You can use the hashtag #surfingthroughlifebook

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Postcard Back
amanda marcos (4).png

She was born in 1997 in Barcelona.

Graduated from Animation & VFX at La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona.

She has experience as a character designer and concept artist in the animation world and "Surfing Through Life" is her first debut as an illustrator for the publishing industry.

She likes fantasy movies/books, baking, cats, and rainy days and like Atlas, she wants to learn how to surf too.

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about Thaís' work,


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